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3 Ways to Nurture Tenant Community

Landlords are constantly looking for ways to make properties more attractive to prospective tenants.

To accomplish this goal, you must nurture a strong resident culture and community.

What kind of community are renters looking for? Most renters want to live somewhere inviting, welcoming, and inclusive. They also want to build relationships with the people near them. Your tenants’ relationships with you and each other are integral to their later decisions to renew a lease.

There’s much you can do to meet these needs. Community building can take a lot of different forms and looks different for every rental business.

For instance, opportunities for social interaction (events, socials, drop-ins, etc.) are great for building rapport with renters and helping them get to know each other. Other ideas include preparing welcome packages, gifts for birthdays or holidays, or check-in messages.

Here are four ways to nurture tenant community in your rental business.

1. Be Present on social media

Most of your tenants are on social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have a wide user base and offer landlords the opportunity for virtual community-building.

Your presence on social media matters. To get started, choose one or two platforms to focus your social media efforts. Develop an attractive profile page with your logo, photographs, and a bio for your business. 

Once you’ve set up your accounts, advertise them to your tenants. Send a mass email to your tenants letting them know that you’re on social media and be sure to include your handles. Also, add your handles to move-in information and display them prominently on your company website.

Once you have a sizable following, you can start using your content to build community among tenants. Engaging photos, exciting captions, and “tagging” features encourage tenants to like, comment, and interact with your contact. You can also post pictures and videos of resident events you host, giveaway winners, or other community news.

As a bonus, prospective tenants who visit your pages will be attracted to the high engagement among tenants.

2. Plan Resident Events

Another way to build community among your tenants is to plan resident events. 

Resident events provide an informal setting for relationships and friendships to grow organically. Tenants can talk, share experiences, and relax while getting to know each other.

These interactions promote friendly bonding between neighbors, which reduces the chances of future arguments or squabbles. Tenants who know and are sympathetic toward each other are less likely to enter an argument about noise levels, trash, pets, or other issues you’d have to deal with down the line.

Hosting events offers other benefits to landlords as well. For instance, hosing events conveys that you are interested in your tenants’ lives and care about whether they enjoy their time renting your properties. Tenants who attend events are also more likely to recommend your properties to their friends, who might then explore your social media or website to apply.

Here are a few ideas for resident events:

  • Community service projects
  • Neighborhood clean-ups
  • Charity drives
  • Holiday events
  • Outdoor kid-friendly gatherings
  • Dinner parties
  • A general drop-in event with food or treats

3. Fairly Enforce Rules

A final way to nurture tenant culture and build community is to fairly enforce all property rules.

If tenants suspect you are showing favoritism or excusing some tenants from rent responsibilities, they may turn against one another. This leads to drama and potential legal entanglements.

It can also increase hostility between tenants and destroy the tenant culture you worked so hard to build.

To avoid uncomfortable and unwanted conflicts between tenants, remain fair and equal in all decisions, especially when it comes to rent and late fees. 

Using best rental property management software is a trusted way to ensure and enforce accountability. Your software automatically applies late fees to any tenants who haven’t made their payment by a certain date. Tenants are also restricted from making future payments until they cover the late fee. 

Foster Tenant Culture in Your Rental Business

A positive and inviting atmosphere is more than a convenience for your current tenants. Building a tenant community also attracts new tenants and generates interest in your properties. By being present on social media, hosting resident events, and maintaining equality, you can foster a healthy tenant community for your rental business.


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